Aerial Photos: 

P456 Property and immediate area

Fly over the Yuma del Mar property and neighboring town of Boca de Yuma (1 km west of our property limit)

Masstech P456 property limits - looking westwardMasstech P456 property limits - Looking eastwardBoca de Yuma at left Looking North-property P456 begins at right edge of photoBoca de Yuma Looking West - property P456 begins at bottom of picture

Cabo San Rafael 5 km east of our property located in Parque Nacional del Este 

Cabo San Rafael-keyplan1-Cabo San Rafael - Looking west towards Yuma property 100m ridge down to 40m2-Cabo San Rafael - Looking North East3-Cabo San Rafael - Looking North West4-Cabo San Rafael - Looking West5-Cabo San Rafael - Looking North West6-Cabo San Rafael - Looking North towards Cap Cana