Parque Nacional Punta Espada

In 2009 as part of a nationwide process 29 protected areas were created, Parque Nacional Punta Espada now covers part of our land territory. Only government approved land use including ecologically friendly developments, ecotourism and such projects can be developed inside the park area. This park is under IUCN Category II. Clear understanding of the meaning, reach and effect on the land contained can be found here It is important to realize that the part of our property located within the park is about 2.2 million sq meters of the park that has an extension of 88 sq km or about 2.5% of the entire park.

Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas? - Yes of course, by following guidelines set forth from international organizations such as Europarc Federation , World Tourism Organization-Ecotourism and Protected areas and others, this area can provide profitability while conducting eco-friendly business. As such we have contemplated an eco-park modeled after Xcaret & Xel-Ha de Mexico see

The following image presents the park boundaries:

The precise location of park limit is 45E (544993 mE) NAD1927 map, extending eastward until tip of the island:


Dominican Republic official park details:

Map of all Dominican protected areas & Decree creating Punta Espada Park (abbreviated)