Cruise Ship Port:


The Dominican Republic is one of the least developed Cruise Ship destinations in the Caribbean. The Bay of Yuma offers excellent competitive conditions to offer cruise lines: Deepest ocean depths close to shore, close to Eastern Caribbean Cruise route. Consult the documents bellow to read about these advantages. Read the "Economic Contribution" to see how little market share the Dominican Republic has from the whole Caribbean Cruise Ship Industry, leaving plenty of growth potential for the DR.



Preliminary master plan showing possible port location see:





In this 1992 concept, an international class marina would have 275 slips. A main marina building would incorporate a club house. Amongst the facilities would be offices, meeting rooms, communication center, reception, dining & entertainment, etc. Also a 50 room marina hotel next to the main building would have shops and provide various services for the yachters. Of course technical services, refueling and typical docking services would be available. The marina would be well protected to assure security for all types of crafts.


"The bay of Yuma is located in the south-eastern part of the Dominican Republic, at proximity to the straits of La Mona. Nearby is Cabeza de Toro annual international fishing tournaments are held. The nearby Island of Saona is a natural reserve, only 11 kilometres away by water from the marina, with beautiful beaches. Visitors come from from all over the world to visit Saona."


These facts plus deep water advantage would make Yuma del Mar's international marina a preferred location for yachtsmen, deep sea fisherman and sea lovers in general. 




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