Property Owner:


Ave. 27 de Febrero #194, Suite 201,

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic,10202

Tel: 829-756-7004


Corporate & General inquiries email:


Masstech Dominicana S.A. is a Dominican corporation formed in 1985.

Shareholders are Canadians & Dominicans

Masstech Dominicana S.A. is owner of 4.2 million meters (over 1,000 acres) of land within parcel 456 site of the Yuma del Mar Project.

Masstech Dominicana S.A. has designed the concepts presented here for the Yuma del Mar property. (copyrighted - all rights reserved)

Masstech does not have any project officially presented to the Dominican Government or permits of any kind, these will need to be obtained by future land buyer. Also Land applies for construction tax exentions as tourist development incentives (law 158-01 mod 184-02 y 318-04)

Legal representatives:

Ave. Enriquillo No. 10, Edificio Fermín Cairo, Suite C-9, 3er Piso,

Los Cacicazgos, Santo Domingo, R.D.

Tel: 809-482-1085 email: