StadiumClub Entertainment Center


StadiumClub Entertainment Center is designed as a 4,500 theater surrounded by a mall with numerous entertainment and can offer:


Live local and international shows and Concerts, Cinema, Casino, Bowling, Restaurants, Cafés, bars, Arcade and much more.


The facility will extend to outdoor activities as a huge water park will be built and, in a Phase II expansion, a complete amusement park with rides will be added.


StadiumClub Entertainment Center can be part of Phase I, so when residential units & first hotels are ready you will have at your disposal the most complete entertainment facility in the Caribbean for the enjoyment of the whole family.


This facility in addition to serving the residents and visitors of Yuma del Mar, it would be accessible and open to Cruise Ship travelers, guests from other hotels in the area and the general public of the dominican Republic


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Stadiumclub Entertainment Center concept, design & plans, Stadiumclub International ©2006 Normand Masse